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Today’s commercial roofing offers extraordinary opportunities to be on the forefront of tomorrow’s building initiatives. This is a position quite familiar to Johns Manville. Now, as owners and specifiers demand not only top-quality installation and performance, but increasingly are looking for new, cost-effective alternatives and environmentally smart solutions, they continue to look to JM.

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When you specify a commercial roof from JM, you get far more than just superior systems and products. We complement the roofing investment with a variety of unique programs that bring added value to product information, installation and long-term performance of your roof.

Johns Manville PVC Roof System:

JM PVC is a flexible, thermoplastic membrane manufactured using an ultraviolet-resistant polyvinyl chloride and DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE
(ketone ethylene ester) formulation.

The formulation delivers:
• Twenty years of proven roofing performance with nearly 600 million square feet installed.
• One of the lowest life cycle costs of all installed roofing systems.
• High resistance to chemical exposure.
• High initial and three-year reflectivity for white JM PVC membrane at 86% and 70%, respectively.
• Nonwicking polyester reinforcement has a superior balance of physical properties for mechanically fastened or fully adhered systems.

JM PVC is available in 50-mil, 60-mil, 60-mil MIN*, 72-mil MIN* and 80-mil thicknesses with 39 inch, 60 inch, 78 inch and 120 inch widths. Stocked standard colors are white, grey and sandstone,


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