Insurance Claim

Can you handle my insurance claim?

While there are certain steps that you must take without us, we are happy to guide you through the insurance claim maze and to carry as much of the burden as we are allowed. We try to make this process as simple as possible for you, so that you can get on with your life while we solve any problems your roof has.

Storm Damaged Roofing

We’ll walk you through the insurance maze and deal directly with your insurance company

If your home has sustained damage in a hail or high-wind storm, call us today and we’ll get started returning everything to normal. We’ll work directly with your insurance company to repair your home with quality products, and we will fight to get you every dollar you have coming.

The insurance claims process can be a daunting one. Mastercraft Roofing & Construction will walk you through all of the steps, and handle certain things for you so that you can go back to your life. Our job is to worry about your repairs for you.

We will meet with the adjuster and point out all of the damage that your roof has sustained. Adjusters have a much more difficult time denying a claim if we are there to document the damage. Your best interest is our top priority and we will work hard to get your claim satisfied by your insurance company.

We Can Help Answer Questions Regarding Your Claim

We can help answer any questions you may have regarding the claims process, and we will advise you each step of the way. Our experience means that we can guide you through the maze quickly and easily.

Schedule an Inspection

Contact us today for an inspection of the damage to your home’s exterior. We will give an honest assessment and provide a solution to work through the insurance maze. Our associates are very experienced with insurance claims, and will work on your behalf to ensure that your roof and/or exterior damage is remedied.

Don’t put this off. Most insurance companies have deadlines regarding the amount of time you have to file a claim.

Filing a Claim

Filing an insurance claim for your roof damage can seem like a daunting task, but we help make the process as easy as possible. Your first priority should be securing your property so that no further damage occurs to your home. This means assessing whether or not the damage has caused leaks that will cause further damage to the interior of your building.

Contact Your Insurance Quickly

When contacting your insurance, you will want to be sure that you have your policy in hand and know the exact date that the damage occurred. We recommend that you start a folder or file to keep all of this information in one safe place for future reference.

Insurance Claim Numbers

 In many cases you will need to contact your insurance agent directly, but the numbers listed below will allow you to gather more information regarding your claim.

Company Claims number
AIG Insurance Co. (800) 433-8880
Allied Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 282-9445
Allstate Insurance Co. (800) 386-6126
Amco Insurance Co. (800) 282-9445
American Casualty Co. (800) 437-8854
American Employers Insurance Co. (800) 284-6730
American Family Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 374-1111
American Home Assurance Co. (800) 562-2208
American International Ins Co. (800) 562-2208
American States Insurance Co. (888) 557-5010
Anthem Casualty Insurance Co. (800) 537-5568
Arbella Mutual Insurance Co.  (800) 972-5348
Arkwright Mutual Insurance Co. (781) 890-9300
Atlanta Casualty Co. (770) 447-8930
Atlantic Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 945-7461
Auto Club of Southern California Interinsurance Exchange  (800) 67CLAIM
Auto-Owners Insurance Co. (517) 323-1365
Berkshire Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 892-8877
Birmingham Fire Insurance of PA (877) 366-8423
Buckeye Union Insurance Co. (312) 822-5000
California State Auto Assn. Inter-Ins (800) 922-8228
Camden Fire Insurance Assn. (888) 421-2111
CIGNA Property & Casualty Ins Co. (215) 761-1000
Cincinnati Insurance Co. Call your agent
Citizens Insurance Co. of America (800) 628-0250
Colonial Penn Insurance Co. (800) 523-4040
Commerce & Industry Insurance Co. (877) 366-8423
Commerce Insurance Co. (800) 221-1605
Commercial Union Insurance Co. (800) 284-6730
Continental Casualty Co. (312) 822-5000
Continental Insurance Co. (312) 822-5000
Coregis Insurance Co. (312) 849-5000
Country Companies Insurance Group (800) 846-0100
CUMIS Insurance Society Inc (800) 637-2676
Dairyland Insurance Co. (715) 346-9200
Deerbrook Insurance Co. (800) 253-6611
Explorer Insurance Co. (800) 788-8984
Farmers Insurance Group of Cos. (888) 516-5656
Fidelity & Deposit Co. of MD (800) 854-6011
Fire Insurance Exchange (888) 516-5656
Firemens Insurance Co. of Newark NJ (312) 822-5000
Foremost Insurance Co. (800) 527-3907
Fortune Insurance Co. (800) 933-8585
GEICO Indemnity Co. (800) 841-3000
General Accident Ins. Co. of America (CGU) (888) 421-2111
General Casualty of WI (888) 737-8256
General Insurance Co. of America (206) 545-5841
Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Co. (912) 474-8411
Government Employees Insurance Co. (800) 841-3000
Grange Mutual Casualty Co. (800) 445-3030
Great American Insurance Co. (800) 724-7722
Great West Casualty Co. (800) 228-8040
Hanover Insurance Co. (508) 855-8000
Harleysville Insurance Cos. (800) 892-8877
Hartford Accident & Indemnity Co. (800) 243-5860
Hartford Casualty Insurance Co. (800) 243-5860
Hartford Fire Insurance Co. (800) 243-5860
Horace Mann Insurance Co. (800) 999-1030
Infinity Southern Insurance Co. (800) 334-1661
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance (888) 392-5246
Insurance Co. of North America (215) 761-1000
Integon National Insurance Co. (800) 468-3466
Interinsurance Exchange Auto Club So. (714) 850-5111
John Deere Insurance Co. (800) 635-3377
Kemper Auto and Home 1-888-216-6066
Kentucky Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. Co. Call your agent
Lexington Insurance Co. (877) 366-8423
Liberty Insurance Corp. (800) 526-1547
Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (800) 526-1547
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 526-1547
Medical Liability Mutual Ins Co. (212) 576-9850
Metropolitan Property & Casualty Co. (800) 854-6011
Mid-Century Insurance Co. (888) 516-5656
Motors Insurance Corp. (313) 556-4632
National Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford (312) 822-5000
National Indemnity Co (402) 536-3000
Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Co. (800) 421-3535
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 421-3535
New Hampshire Insurance Co. (877) 366-8423
New Jersey Manufacturers Ins. Co. (609) 883-1300
New York Casualty Insurance Co. (800) 892-8877
North Carolina Farm Bureau Mutual Ins. (919) 782-1705
North River Insurance Co. (800) 284-6730
Northern Assurance Co. of America (617) 725-7033
Occidental Fire & Casualty Insurance Co. (800) 525-7486
Ohio Casualty Insurance Co. (513) 867-3000
Oklahoma Farmers Union Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 364-1511
Omni Insurance Co. (800) 727-OMNI
Pacific Employers Insurance Co. (215) 761-1000
Phoenix Insurance Co. (800) 252-4633
Preferred Risk Mutual Insurance Co. (515) 267-5299
Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. (800) 274-4499
Progressive Northern Insurance Co. (800) 274-4499
Progressive Northwestern Ins. Co. (800) 274-4499
Progressive Specialty Insurance Co. (800) 274-4499
Protection Mutual Insurance Co. (847) 825-4474
Reliance Insurance Co. (215) 761-1000
Republic Underwriters Insurance Co. (214) 559-1270
Rockingham Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 662-5246
Royal Insurance Co. of America (800) 847-6925
Safeco Insurance (800) 332 3226
Scottsdale Insurance Co. (480) 948-0505
Selective Insurance Co. of America (973) 948-2900
Sentry Insurance a Mutual Co. (715) 346-9200
Shelter Mutual Insurance Co. (800) SHELTER
Southern United Fire Insurance Co. (800) 851-9476
Standard Fire Insurance Co. (800) 252-4633
State Farm Fire & Casualty Co. Call your agent
State Farm Indemnity Co. Call your agent
State Farm Lloyds Call your agent
State Farm Mutual Automobile Ins. Co. Call your agent
Travelers (860) 277-0111
Trinity Universal Insurance Co. (214) 360-8039
Twentieth Century Insurance Co. (800) 211-7283
United Services Automobile Assn. (800) 531-8222
United States Fire Insurance Co. (800) 690-5520
USAA Casualty Insurance Co. (800) 531-8222
Utica Mutual Insurance Co. (800) 695-1914
Vesta Fire Insurance Corp. (800) 444-3928
Westfield Insurance Co. (800) 443-3311
Windsor Group (800) 852-8220
Worcester Insurance Co. (800) 892-8877
Zenith Insurance Co. (800) 440-5020
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